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Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix

Pittsburgh, PA ~ July 17 - 18, 2004

Report from Keith Lawrence on this event:

Despite some wet weather and several delays of the practice and race sessions (due to a very large Mini parade as it was the Marque and several long winded announcers), we had a strong showing of 12 Turners for the largest Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix in history.  Out of the approximate 180 cars racing (not including the several hundred cars on the hill for display), the following 12 Turners attended:

  1. Jack Gallagher's 1957 950S
  2. Steve Garrett's 1959 950
  3. Len Picton's 1957 950 S ( 1 photo, yellow)
  4. Jim Southwood's 1959 Mark I (1 photo, No. 508)
  5. Paul Balich's 1959 950S (1 photo, black w/white stripes)
  6. Richard Kieley's 1959 Mark II (1 photo, No. 573)
  7. Carl Schwab's 1959 Mark I
  8. Keith Lawrence's 1956 803
  9. John Master's 1959 Mk I ( 4 photos, No.484)
  10. Paul and Darry Bova's 950 (Darry raced in the under 1 liter group, while Paul had a strong showing in the under 2 liter group and their Turner did fine despite the double duty) (2 photos, No. 425)
  11. Vic Shuster's 1965 Mk III (1 photo, red)
  12. Mike Muckle's 1965 Mk III
Most of the Turners ran well and we all had a great chance to meet new people and to talk "Turner".  The prewar races were really exciting and the special Mini only race, regardless of age, was a real thrill to see.

For race results and pictures visit: http://www.PittsburghVintageGrandPrix.com and http://www.VSCCA.org.