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F.S.C.C. Turner Sports Car Rally 2004

Manor Hotel ~ Crickhowell, South Wales ~ Sunday, July 18th, 2004

This year's FSCC Turner Rally took place on Sunday July 18th 2004 on the grounds of the Manor Hotel, Crickhowell, South Wales.   No less than 10 Turners were on show in Jack Turner's Home town.

A number of cars made their debut at the Manor Hotel including Ivan Dutton with the wonderful early Turner Lea Francis racing car , Lord Fulke Greville with his fully loaded ex John Miles racing car VUD 701 and Peter Dent with his freshly restored BMC Supercharged MKII.

Terry Filby trailerd the ‘remains’ of the Aluminium bodied Ex - Ken Mackenzie Alexander GT Coupe race car ,freshly recovered from a Shropshire barn the previous day.

Owners with Cars in attendance:

John Kenyon 004A MAB 121
Ivan Dutton 006 LJW 471
Chris Fulke-Greville MKII Race Car VUD 701
Peter Dent MKII 62/509A PAS 966
Nigel Taylor MKI, 60/291 700AOV
Ron Taylor MKII,62/544 220 WMA
Derek Bentley MKII 60/375 2 RTD
Brian Shaw MKIII 65/656 GOK 666D
Russell Filby MKII 62/563 BTU 737B
John Butcher MKI Climax 60/318 281 AXO
Terry Filby 1961 Alexander GT Coupe 6751 RO

A Terrific gathering of cars and people , and an honour to have the company of our Special guests:

  • Ken Robbins, Turner Factory Employee 1958 - 1966
  • Barry Evans Turner Works Employee 1960 - 1965
  • Warwick Banks - Tatty Turner race driver
  • Fred and Connie Lieb (Sebring 12hrs 1959) from the USA
Sadly Jack Turner was unable to attend this year as he is convalescing in Hospital following his recent hip and knee surgery - Get well soon Jack.

The David Scott Turner registrars trophy was presented this year to FSCC Club Member Nigel Taylor for his major contribution toward Turner owner restoration.

This years Rally proved one of the best attended in recent years, both in the number of cars on show and people in attendance and many thanks to all who attended for making the day so enjoyable.

Russell Filby

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