Turner Sports Cars    Turner Sports Cars - The Book
Turner Sports Cars - The Book
by Peter J Tutthill

A Must Own Item for all motoring enthusiasts!

This fabulous book first published in 2006 is profusely illustrated with well over 250 pictures, the majority of which had never previously been published.  The contribution of Turner cars to the history of Britain's motor industry far exceeds the 670 or so cars that were built. They were one of Britain's most important small independent manufacturers, and the respect in which the marque name is held today is vividly reflected in the present worldwide enthusiasm for Turner Sports Cars.  The book is the result of much research by Peter with the assistance of the late Jack Turner , former employees and Russell Filby of the Turner register and is of A4 size and fills 126 pages. Foreword is by racing driver Warwick Banks (Tatty Turner), and  cover artwork by  artist Michael Turner.

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