Turner Sports Cars (Wolverhampton) Limited

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The Turner register was set up as a way of keeping a record of as many surviving Turner Sports Cars as possible and to keep a record of owners, cars , chassis and registration numbers.

The Turner Register is Russell Filby who is UK based and also manages this Turner Sports Cars website and Turner Sports Cars Facebook group and Social Media Accounts.

The Turner Register forms a section of the Fairthorpe Sports Car Club which caters for Turner owners and enthusiasts worldwide.

  The club also caters for many other of the less well-known sports car manufacturers based in the UK which produced in small volume in the 1950's and 1960's.  

As Turner registrar I provide support and advice to club members and owners,and write the monthly 'Turner Tattle' in each edition of our lively and informative club newsletter.

The Newsletter provides the latest news and information on Turner Sports Cars and is also a place to source parts and cars for sale.

The Turner register also holds Annual Turner Sports Car gatherings in the UK and supports the events held in the USA.

If you are interested in joining the club please click the links on this page and print an application form and send this completed form along with your membership fee to Anna Bentley (Membership Secretary) at the address on the form.

To request to pay via PAY PAL if overseas please click here to email the Club Treasurer Brian Shaw for an invoice and costs or see the application form for more detail.

You will find more details about our club at our sister website for
The Fairthorpe Sports Car Club

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Russell Filby

Updated - May 2023