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Fergus-Fine Cars, Inc.

Photos and information courtesy of Don Greimel

Don worked for for Fergus Motors in `63 and was given a new 1500cc Turner to race.  The car was pretty successful.  It was very fast and could best the reighning champ Bob Tullius` TR4 in acceleration and handling, but the brakes were dreadful.   Fergus Motors was owned by J B Ferguson, brother of Harry Ferguson who invented the four wheel drive system etc.  Don provided the photos below taken while racing for only one year.  He also provided an ad for Fergus-Fine Cars, Inc.

Vineland Divisional race, April 26, 1964.  Car owner Joe Fergus standing with Don in the driver's seat.  The chassis number of the Turner raced by Don is unknown.

Racing action at Vineland Divisional race, April 26, 1964, with Don in front of Bob Tullius.

Don with his 2nd place trophy taken at Cumberland Nationals.

Vineland Divisional race, April 26, 1964 after the race.  Left to right:  Bob Tullius (winner), Judy Greimel, Joe Fergus, and Don, who placed 2nd.

Racing at Marlboro, 1963.

Ad used by Fergus with photos of the Turner raced by Don.

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