Turner Sports Cars   Photos by Chassis Number


Photos and information courtesy of Russell Filby

This Turner is an early 950 model with the early rear sloping tail bodywork which we have established as Chassis 30/097. Fred Mix made contact who is a neighbour of the owner in Bluffton South Carolina and this early car is certainly showing its age, sunk into the ground in the yard where it has sat for many years. The owner has the title for the car which shows when he acquired it on June 13, 1967 and it is understood the man he bought it from had raced it prior.

The car is very complete but has deteriorated with the exposure, the windscreen frame is there and the car is on wire wheels, as expected the floorplans as well as the doors (Steel) are rusted through. The fiberglass body is in very good condition. The engine looks original and complete other than a missing distributor cap. The seat frames are there as well as the steering wheel but it is in poor condition. Hopefully the car will be salvaged and restored in time. .


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