Turner Sports Cars   Photos by Chassis Number


Photo and information courtesy of
Russell Filby
and Alan Cowham

The photo was supplied by RAF Officer Mr. Alan Cowham.  It was taken outside the Officers Mess RAF Schleswiglaud Schleswig North Germany in May 1960 when he owned the car.  He had an Alexander X-Flow head fitted to the car.

The Car's British Forces Germany registration was IY 38B.  After retiring from his posting in Germany Mr. Cowham and the Turner returned to England and the car was later sold with it's Original UK registration 3223 DU.

The Car was last known to the Turner register in 1971 when owned by Charles Jeffery of London who rescued the car from a breakers yard.  But as of 2003 is presumed lost.

Reg. No. 3223 DU.

Photos and information courtesy of
Russell Filby

This Alexander BMC Cross-Flow head was fitted to 30/174 sometime after 1959, when the car was newly purchased.  The car was exported to Germany while the owner was in the Forces, and upon his return in the early 70's he decided to sell the car.  The buyer thought the car was too quick for his wife, whom he was buying the car for, so a standard BMC head was fitted.  The Alexander head had been in a box in the sellers workshop since that time.  The Alexander head was purchased by Russ in 2003.  This is head number 91.


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