Turner Sports Cars   Photos by Chassis Number


Photos and information courtesy of James Geonis,
and identification of the chassis number by
Jay Carano and Mike Velemirov

Photos taken around 1960 in Ohio with Ken Colling driving his 950S which he bought from Tri City.  Mike owned this car in the early 70's and raced it in SCCA.

Photos and information courtesy of
Jay Carano and Russ Filby

The whereabouts of this Turner was unknown until Oct 2003 when Gary Barnett purchased it.  It was advertised as having a 998cc BMC engine with a steel crank and Carillo rods, fire system fuel cell, limited slip differential, double bearing hardened rear axles, all aluminum paneled interior, and alloy front drums.  It had recently placed 4th at the Pittsburgh Grand Prix.

Photos and information courtesy of
Eric Roberts and Keith Burnett

Photos taken during the 2004 racing season.  One is from Buttonwillow in the Spring and the other from Willow Springs in October.


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