Turner Sports Cars   Photos by Chassis Number


Photos and information courtesy of Mike Sakich and Russell Filby

This Turner 950S was a new discovery for the Turner register. Chassis 30-200 has been in Mike's family since the mid 60’s and is shortly to undergo a restoration. Mikes father's recollections of the car follow.

''The Turner was purchased in 1963. I found it in a small one man used car lot on Broad Street in Wadsworth (Ohio). I just happened to be driving by and saw it. The salesman/owner’s story (true or not) was that he bought it from a girl who had driven from California. After 2,500 miles in the Turner she traded it for something more comfortable. The asking price was $1,100. I offered $500 which was immediately accepted. The original color was white. I repainted it red sometime in 1964. The original Continental tires were replaced with Pirelli Cinturato also in 1964. In late 1963 or early 1964 a rear suspension torsion bar broke and was replaced at Tri City Sportscars. In 1964 the Turner ran one race at Mid-Ohio. A friend wrecked his Fiat Abarth and need one more race to maintain his SCCA license. We quickly fitted the Turner with a roll bar. I drove it the 65 miles to Mid –Ohio. It passed inspection and finished third in class, his best finish of the year. I drove it back home after the race. The roll bar installation was temporary. The sockets it was fitted into are still welded to the frame. The Turner was put in storage in late 1965. It was only driven once after that, in 1968 from one storage location to another. All other moves were by trailer or tow. It has always been stored under roof in a garage or shed.

The photos above show the car as it sat and the lower photo shows the car on the road in 1965.
   [Posted Oct 2013]


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