Turner Sports Cars   Photos by Chassis Number


Photos and information courtesy of Bob Keen and Russell Filby

This 1959 Turner 950s has been the subject of an 11 year ground up restoration by Turner registrar Russell Filby , Russell aquired the car from Bob Keen of Bristol in October 2000 as a restoration project which had been off the road since 1972 , and the rebuild was finally completed in October 2011. The first post restoration outing for the car was for the Bristol Motor Clubs Spirit Of The 60s event which fell 11 years to the very day that the car was aquired by Russell. The bodywork was completed by Bodyshop Apprentices and Tutors at S&B Automotive Academy in Bristol. The top 3 photos were taken during the Prescott Classics On The Hill meeting during May 2012

This photo was taken around June 1959 when the car was just over a month old. The car was registered in Staffordshire as 1118 RE on 01st May 1959 and the first owner was Mr Peter Anthony Parker Fordham of Wergs nr Wolverhampton and was in his ownership until October 1962 when traded at St George Parade Service Garage in Wolverhampton.
The 2nd owner was Brian Dainty of Wolverhampton who owned the car up until April 1968.

These earlier pictures of 1118 RE were taken around 1969 when in the ownership of Bob and Valerie Keen. The car was aquired by Valerie in April 1968 from Brian Dainty and was used on the road until 1972 when it failed an MOT. The car moved with the Keens from Stourbridge to Bristol and from 1972 to 2000 it sat deteriorating in the back garden of the family home in Chipping Sodbury (North Bristol).

These photos show the car as it deteriorated in Bob Keens back garden where it was parked between 1972 and 2000 , prior to ownership and restoration by Russell Filby , You can see many more photos taking you through the 11 year restoration of the car in the gallery page via the link below.

Click here to see many more photos of the restoration of this car.


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