Turner Sports Cars   Photos by Chassis Number


Photos and information courtesy of Russell Filby

Car with Reg. No. XBP 7 is a Climax powered Mk 1.  It has been re-registed with Reg. No. XWV 232A.  These photos were taken at a Turner Rally.

Photo and information courtesy of
Russell Filby and Tony Broom

Rebuild finished by Tony in 2003.

Photos and information courtesy of
Chris Wood and Russell Filby

Photos of the car with the original Reg. No. 257 KKN.

Chassis Number 60/309 was a Turner Climax MKI and was registerd 257 KKN in Kent , England during 1960.

The car was known to the Turner Register during the 1960's as 257 KKN 60/309, but disappeard in the late 60's.

Turner enthusiast Tony Broom found the unidentified remains of a Turner abandoned on a farm near Kent in the early 1980's and negotiated to buy the wreckage.  It had no chassis or number plate and was in poor condition.  Tony rebuilt it using the last new Turner (Pit Counter) chassis frame that he had been holdding to build a full racing car.  Once the car was rebuilt, he was given Reg. No. XBP 7 by the Turner Registrar, as the car did not have a registration number.  Reg. No. XBP 7 was originally a number on a Turner 803, known to have been destroyed.

The car was very successfully raced under registration XBP 7 for many years.  When Tony sold the car, Reg. No. XBP 7 was transferred to a road car and the Turner allocated a replacement Reg. No. of XWV 232A by the licencing authorities.

After extensive research work by Kevin Ginger and Richard Smith it became apparent that the car with Reg. No. XWV 223A was constructed from a Turner with Reg. No. 257KKN, chassis no. 60/309.


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