Turner Sports Cars   Photos by Chassis Number


Photo and information courtesy of Russell Filby

Terry Filby's first Turner, a BMC Mk I.  The car was sold in 1975 for £50 and was believed to be missing, but may exist in Germany.  Notice the unusual raised molding on the rear bulkhead.  Reg. No. XRY 936.

Photos and information courtesy of
Gavin Smith, Ken Robbins, and Russell Filby

Photo circa 1961 taken by Turner employee Ken Robbins when the car was returned to the works for body repairs.

Known as Pinky for obvious reasons!  The car was restored and prepared by Peter and Gavin Smith for racing in German and other European events.  The car is powered by a 1293 cc BMC "A" engine, and pictured here being cornered hard on 3 wheels by Gavin as he takes the famous Bus stop chicane in the historic support race for the 24hr event at Spa Francochamps in August 1991.  Gavin achieved a class win in the event in the GT up to 1300 cc class . and set a 03.15 min lap time.  The car was badly damaged in a race at the Nurburgring circuit2 months later, it is awaiting restoration.

[Jan 2005]


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