Turner Sports Cars   Photos by Chassis Number


Photos and information courtesy of Anthony Vaccaro and Russell Filby

This 1960 Turner Mk 1 has been rescued by Anthony Vaccaro of Blauvelt, New York, after it had been standing in the open following fire damage in 1984  Reg. No.VAW 400.

Photos and information courtesy of Anthony Vaccaro
Russell Filby

Fire damaged after the owner forgot to turn off the master switch , This car having been exported from the UK was never registered in the USA. The car is a UK market right hand drive car that was exported to the USA and sold by New England Classics of Connecticut and is known to the Turner register as chassis number 60/338 which was first road registered in the UK as VAW 400 (Shropshire) on 16th May 1960.

It was last known to the register in 1981 when owned by J.A.Keech of London SE22 and had dropped off the radar until identified in the USA as found here in 2017.

In 1968 the Turner Register noted that this car had a close ratio transmission,Alexander manifold, twin SU's and Girling disc brakes" all of which are still present on the car today along with the original matching number BMC engine.

When it arrived in the USA It was aquired by a Robert Turner who was a classic car dealer and who ran it on "trade plates" initially until the fire after which he took it to Palisadas in New York where it sat in the open until aquired by Anthony Vacaro who is now actively restoring the car.

(Dec 2017)

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