Turner Sports Cars   Photos by Chassis Number


Photos and information courtesy of
Keith Nicholson and Bob Rees

This Alexander Turner Mk1 was owned by Keith's father, Darcy.  The chassis number is unknown, having been lost when the car was rebuilt on a new replacement chassis after an accident early in the car's history.  This photo was taken at Mount Panaroma, Bathurst during a state hillclimbing championship, circa 1974.

This Turner, previously in the Unknown Turners section, was identified as Chassis No. 30/365 based on the engine number from the Turner factory records by Russell Filby.

Bob's 1960 Alexander Turner that was originally owned by David Gleen who brought it to Australia.  David sold it to Darcy Nicholson in the early seventies and Bob purchased it from Darcy in about 1979.  Bob has done some restoration work.  

The car had an extensive racing history with David and Darcy and still does sprints and hill climbs with Bob.  It has been fitted with flares and an airdam front from its racing days and is great fun to drive on the road.

The bottom photos are of an Alexander crossflow head used on the car.

These photos are of the car competing in England before David Gleen took it to Australia back in the early 60's.  The top photo is at a National Hillclimb at Dyrham Park near Bristol.  The bottom photo is either at Wiscombe Park or Longleat, also a hillclimb.

Note the Reg. No. 795 RKX.


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