Turner Sports Cars   Photos by Chassis Number


Photos and information courtesy of Patrice Wattinne , Michael Beattie , Russell Filby and Paul Nash

This Turner MKI is owned by Patrice Wattinne in France and since Patrice aquired the car in 2010 it has been in regular use on European race tracks. The car was once owned by Arthur Nash and was originally purchased by a Mike Green who raced the car for several years until he then sold it to a Dr. John Coles who was a customer of the repair businesss in Birmingham owned by Arthur Nash.  Arthur purchased the Turner in 1977 and used it for sprints and hillclimbs until 1981 when the family moved to Bristol.  The car was not raced again until 1985 and was sold in June 1989 to Michael Beattie from Belfast, Ireland. 

Michael Beattie competed with the car and had it road registered as 9330 XI in Ireland. The car was re-allocated Chassis Number 60/378A by the Turner Registrar in 1990 as the original number was unknown.  Michael Beattie fitted a 1470 engine and a ford 5 speed close ratio gearbox.  The car was then sold to a couple in Belgium where it was again raced with success , before being aquired by Patrice Wattinne in March 2010.
The top 5 photos show the car pictured in 2010 in the ownership of Patrice Wattinne, The next 2 show the car in the ownership of Arthur Nash during the 70s in the UK and the last 2 images in the ownership of Michael Beattie in Ireland during the 1990s.  


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