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Photos and information courtesy of
Russell Filby Tim Christie,Ken Robbins & Michael Ware

The 1961 Alexander Turner GT Prototype registration 6751 RO photographed in June 2009 following a 5 year full restoration by Turner registrar Russell Filby and his father Terry. The car was a complete wreck and after much work by Russell , Terry and Turner enthusiast Nigel Taylor , the car returned to the road for the first time in over 40 years during 2009. The car was originally built on a Turner MKII Chassis with the special one off all alluminium body designed by Wing Commander K.W Mackenzie and built by coachbuilders Williams and Pritchard with the sponsorship of Alexander Engineering Co Ltd of Haddenham in Buckinghamshire. The car has been rebuilt to the original 1961 specification complete with an Alexander BMC engine.

These photos were taken at Oulton Park circa 1962 by former Turner works employee Ken Robbins and show the car in the paddock. The car was being raced by Battle of Britain Hawker Hurricane ace Wing Commander K.W Mackenzie. The car has an extensive period racing history which Includes entries in the Brands Hatch Peco Trophy race and Goodwood Tourist Trophy races.

Wing Commander Ken (Mac) Mackenzie at Goodwood during September 1961 at the wheel of the Alexander Turner GT.  Photograph courtesy of Michael Ware and please note - copyright of the National Motor Museum Beaulieu and Michael E Ware.

2nd owner Peter Smith racing the Alexander Turner GT at Oulton Park, BARC Spring Meeting, 6th April 1963.  Courtesy and property of John Holroyd.

1961 Alexander Turner GT Coupe 6751 RO

Alexander Engineering of Haddenham in Buckinghamshire were agents for Turner sports cars.
During 1961 Alexanders wanted a car that would publicise their tuning equipment and their agency for Turner Cars, so together with established Turner race car driver Wing Commander Ken Mackenzie they designed and built one off known as the Alexander Turner GT Coupe.

The car was based on a Standard MKII Turner Kit with Triumph Suspension and supplied by Jack Turner to Kan Mackenzie ,Chassis Number 61/429. The slightly modified Turner ladder chassis was then fitted with one of their own Alexander tuned BMC A type engines and Wing Commander Mackenzie designed the GT body for it with assistance from Tim Fry and Ferrari GP driver Mike Parkes , Both later to be linked with the Hillman Imp and other Rootes group car designs.This Influence can be seen in the 'Shark Nose' front end design as was the fashion for Ferrari in 1961.

The shapely body shell was constructed by London coachbuilders Williams and Pritchard all in Aluminium and the car was road registered 6751 RO on 05/07/1961 in time for racing during the 1961 season where it was to prove very successful.

The GT was driven by Wing Commander Mackenzie (an ex Battle of Britain WWII Hurricane and Spitfire pilot) and was entered under the RAF Motor Sports Association banner where it went on to record many wins and class records during the 61 and 62 seasons.

For the 1962 season it was fitted with a stage 3 Coventry Climax 1220cc engine giving nearly 100 hp and again was very successful.   Mackenzie and Alexanders had tried to encourage Jack Turner to take up the design for a production version but as Jack was well on to designing and building his own Turner GT he declined the approach.   This was therefore the only such example ever built.

The car was advertised by Wing Commander Mackenzie for sale in an Autosport advert during September 1962 and was later purchased by racing driver Peter Smith of Team Speedwell Yorkshire who collected the car from the Haddenham workshop and took it back to Yorkshire.

Pete Smith campaigned successfully in the car during the 1963 season at events such as the Oulton Park BARC Spring Meeting 6th April 1963.    Peter recalled however at a race meeting, organised by the BRSCC, at Rufforth he suffered an accident when the rear of the car lost traction and came around on itself sliding the car onto the grass infield where there was a large stone hidden in the grass, The GT hit this sideways and flipped over causing damage to the car.

The car was repaired over a six month period and sold on as Peter had bought a Chevron B8 & B16 with which he went on to have great success in the European sports car series.

It is believed the car was sold on to Chris Dolman-Stuart and was known to have been raced at Croft during 1965 by a Malcolm Sutherland and later thru 1967/68 by a Bernard Whealan.

In 1990 a long term Turner enthusiast Tony Hockenhull had heard about the derelict car being offered for sale by a Mr Steven Stirling of Bradford West Yorkshire and Tony bought it and placed it in his barn for safe keeping.

The car was later acquired by Turner registrar Russell Filby and his father and the car has been the subject of a full ground up restoration.

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