Turner Sports Cars   Photos by Chassis Number


Photo and information courtesy of Russell Filby
and Ken Robbins, ex-works employee

This Mk II was a Turner factory demonstrator used in 1961 onward for publicity advertisments.  The car wasalso featured in the RAC Motor Sports Association Holomogation Papers for Turner Sports Cars.  Reg. No. MBF 888.

Update 9-13-04:  Ken Robbins of Turner Sportscars has helped to identify the Chassis ID of a car featured in many publicity pictures.

MBF 888, a stunning Red BMC MKII was purchased by another employee Mick Clark and built up by Mick and Ken on evenings and weekends. Mick used a single Webber rather that the usual twin SU set up, Bullet style rear lights and the optional coil over rear suspension.  This car had been assumed to be a demonstrator listed on Jack's records as however with Kenís information it has been positively identified as Chassis No. 61/449.

As MBF 888 was always on site at the Factory this was the reason it was always available for publicity photographs and demonstrations to potential customers, sadly Mick passed away two years ago (2002) and the whereabouts of the car today is unknown to the register.


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