Turner Sports Cars   Photos by Chassis Number


Photos and information courtesy of
Russell Filby and Jim Johnstone

Jim Johnstone bought this Turner from Jack Turner in 1962 as a kit.  This Turner was a missing car, known to the register only by registration number until Jim's contact with the Turner Registrar in 2004, identifying the purchase as a kit.

Jim was impressed by the Turners he had raced against with his speedwell frogeye sprite and placed an order with Jack Turner in 1962 and bought the kit direct from the factory without an engine.  Jim fitted the engine from his frogeye which was a very special Speedwell development unit with 4 GP Amal carbs on a special Speedwell alloy head (7port).   With this being the development engine it gave 108 bhp at the flywheel on Speedwell's dyno!

Sadly it is not known to survive however it is known that around 1969 David Valsler owned the car and it was issued the number VRX 323H. David aquired the car from an Exchange and Mart advert minus engine and fitted a BMC and restored the car painting it orange and fitting flush headlights as pictured.

The earlier pictures show Jim racing the car at Rufforth and Harewood (Courtesy of John Holroyd), In the last picture the car Driven by a later owner, John Scott Davies in the NSCC meeting at Silverstone, 1965.   Reg. No. 777 EWT.


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