Turner Sports Cars   Photos by Chassis Number


Photos and information courtesy of Simon Scrimgeour , Derek Bentley and Russell Filby

Driven by Simon Scrimgeour at Brands Hatch, Boxing Day, 1963.  This car was originally owned by Wing commander Ken Mackenzie and was raced by Ken in the 1963 Goodwood TT race.

444 RAR was a Turner Ford 1650 Cosworth and is driven here by Simon Scrimgeour at Snetterton, in 1964.

Following the sale of the Alexander GT Coupe Wing Commander Mackenzie took delivery of his next racing Turner.  It was the latest Turner Ford design fitted with a1650cc Ford Cosworth Engine which was to prove highly competitive in the Up to 2,000cc class.  Again supported by Alexander the car proved very successful and utterly reliable except for on one occasion during the 1963 TT race whilst when well placed after a couple of hours a half shaft broke causing Mackenzie to limp back to the pits for repairs.  Nevertheless the car went back out and finished the race distance coming home 14th overall.  Ken Mackenzie was posted overseas with the RAF from 1964 and therefore car was sold on to fellow Turner racing driver Simon Scrimgeour to resume battle with 444 RAR for the 1964 and 65 seasons.Simon took part in International FIA races inclding the nurburgring 1000ks and the car can be seen here on the starting grid for this race.
444 RAR went on to be raced in the Players No6 Autocross series around 1967/68 as seen in the last picture of 444 RAR


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