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Photos and information courtesy of David Valsler

This Mk III was one of 11 RHD cars exported to Fergus Fine Cars in New York in 1965 to form the basis of the Sprint Speciale.

The vehicles had to be RHD to allow the fitting of twin Webber carburettors which would otherwise have fouled the steering shaft. Fergus offered the Sprint Speciale with a range of options including: - Oil cooler, twin Weber DCOE carbs, balanced and hardened crankshaft, special competition cam and rocker assembly, balanced internal engine components, competition valve springs, close ratio gears, balanced and hardened rods, balanced pistons, polished and flowed head and manifolds and competition valve springs, balanced close ratio gears, balanced drive shaft, power locked or limited slip diff, hardened HD axles, choice of 4 axle ratios, lightened racing wheels and competition tyres.

An advertisement from Ferguson Automotive Imports claimed 132 bhp at 8,500 rpm and 0 to 60 in 6.5 seconds. There was a suggestion that Cosworth may have supplied the engines but there is no evidence to support that and it is believed that Fergus supplied all the tuning parts in the US. No records exist of the modifications made to each individual car.

This particular car has a balanced engine, fast road camshaft, balanced and gas flowed head, twin Webber DCOE 40 carbs, bespoke exhaust manifold and exhaust system, high pressure oil pump, oil cooler, close ratio gearbox, Spax adjustable shock absorbers, hardened competition drive shafts and double hub bearings.

 Little is known of the early history of the car. In 1971 it was purchased by Jim and John Geonis (father/son) who owned several Turners. They sold the car in the early 80's to a John Demko who owned it until Jim Bolinger purchased it in around 1996. The car had been sitting for about 12 years. It was in street trim and had about 23,000 miles on the clock. It appeared to have some competition history as a roll hoop and catch cans were fitted.

Jim Bolinger restored the car and kept it until August 2004 when he sold it to David and Pauline Valsler. The car was bought back to the UK where it has since undergone a total restoration with the emphasis on originality. As of May 2006 it had a recorded mileage of 28,340 miles.


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