Turner Sports Cars   Unknown Turners

Photos and information courtesy of Jay Carano

These are Dale Smith's three race cars.

Top: Cumberland, Md. SCCA race in 1959.  Had to run the car in Modified class because I think it was before Turners were homologated for Production classes.

Center: Mk. I Climax car taken in Oct. 1960 in front of Tri City's service bays.

Bottom: This is a hybrid car.  Mid-Ohio Race Course in 1962 when the track was new and rather unsophisticated.

In the late 50s and early 60s Jay worked at Tri-City Sports Cars in Massillon, Ohio, the importer for Turner at the time.  Jay says they sold them, serviced them, souped them up, raced them and wrecked them.  Jay owns Turner 60/413,which as been completely restored the car from the ground up.

This was taken at Schofield Army Barracks in Hawaii.  The licensing sticker on the windshield appears to read "1960 Hawaii".