Turner Sports Cars   Unknown Turners

Photos and information courtesy of Jay Carano

A customer's new Mark I with fender mirrors installed by Jay, who worked at Tri-City Sports Cars, Massillon, OH.  The car was kept in the show-room for a week or so before delivery.  (March 1960).

New maroon Mark I in front of Tri-City Sports Cars.  Note the round tail-light assemblies on this car which were fairly rare.  A new 950S car can be seen in the show-room.  (February 1960).

Dale Smith, owner of Tri-City Sports Cars, took this shot of his daughter Dale Elaine standing next to a new white Mark I that he had imported into Port Everglades, Florida before he delivered it to his dealer.  (September, 1960).

Photo of Dale Smith and the 803 that was probably taken at a race held at the Akron Municipal Airport in 1958.

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