Turner Sports Cars   The Turner Register

The Turner Sports Car Register

The Turner register is a way of keeping a record of as many surviving Turner's as possible.  The Turner Register also attempts to keep a record of Turner owners, both past and present tracking cars by Chassis and Engine number and also UK registration number.

The Turner Register is run by myself Russell Filby having taken over the role from our now Club vice chairman David Scott who maintained the Turner register with such dedication for over 30 years until retirement in May 2003 and forms a part of The Fairthorpe Sports Car Club.

The Fairthorpe Sports Car Club caters for Turner owners and enthusiasts Worldwide.  The club also caters for many of the less well-known sports car manufacturers based in the UK in the 1950's and 60's.  Other manufacturers with registers within the FSCC are Fairthorpe, Tornado, Rochdale, Falcon, EB, and Ashley. The club also has a very successful Historic Specials Register.

As the Turner Registrar I provide technical support and advice, attend club committee meeting on behalf of Turner enthusiasts and write the 'Turner Tattle' in each monthly edition of the clubs lively and informative newsletter. The Newsletter is where all the news on Turner is at, it is also your opportunity to share your Turner news and experiences with other owners and enthusiasts worldwide; this is also the place to source Spare parts and find Club Cars for sale as many cars exchange hands between club members. The Turner register also holds the Annual Turner Sports Car rally in the UK and supports the reunions and events in the USA.

Most owners of Turner Sports Cars belong toThe Fairthorpe Sports Car Club and I recommend for you to join if you want to get the most out of owning or having an interest in Turner Sports Cars.

If you are interested in joining, print this Registration form and send it to Tony Hill, Membership Secretary, 9 Lynhurst Crescent, Hillingdon, Middx, England UB 10 9EF. More details are also availible by clicking this link for The Fairthorpe Sports Car Club website.

Membership rates are as follows, which includes a monthly newsletter covering all of the makes:

Type of Membership
1 year
5 years
UK £17 £85
Overseas Surface/Europe £19
Euro 38
US $36
Euro 190
US $180
Overseas Airmail £22
US $42
US $210