Turner Sports Cars   2006 Crickhowell Turner Rally

UK Turner Rally
Sunday July 23rd 2006
The Manor Hotel, Crickhowell, South Wales

14 Turner Sports Cars attended the annual UK Turner reunion on Sunday 23rd July 2006 at Jack Turner's hometown of Crickhowell. We were blessed again with wonderful weather and this helped to bring out a fine collection of cars for the day. The range of cars varied from a full race prepared modsports racing car , a rebuilt rolling chassis , three project cars currently undergoing restoration and a number of fine roadworthy examples of Jack Turners cars. Jack Turner joined us during the afternoon to cast an expert eye over the cars and was joined by his former employee Ken Robbins. Jack was presented with a special T-Shirt signed by all at the recent US Turner reunion and an engraved Turner glass dicanter commemorating his recent 90th birthday on behalf of the Turner register. Farthest travelled to the rally in a Turner was presented to Geoff Long who made the trip over from the Republic of Ireland in his Turner MKI, and the registrar's trophy for outstanding contribution to the Turner cause for 2006 was presented to Ken Robbins.Thank You to all who attended the 2006 Turner Rally and for making the event such an enjoyable occasion. we hope you will join us again in the future.for more images from the 2006 Turner Rally click the tab at the bottom of this page.

Russell Filby - Turner Registrar

Roger Fountain's Turner MKI at Crickhowell July 2006

Owners with Cars in attendance
Chassis No./Type
Reg. No.
30/126 950S (White) Michael Fines Allin WOL 846
30/222 950S (Grey) Russell & Terry Filby 1118 RE
60/291 MKI (Dark Green) Nigel Taylor 700 AOV
60/310 MKI (White) David Norsworthy 9551 RE
60/375 MKI(White) Derek Bentley 2 RTD
60/409 MKI (Blue/White)) Roger & Penny Fountain 5248 WX
60/424 MKI (Blue) Geoff Long AZH 377
60/427 MKI (Blue) Gordon Mayer SAG 744
61/494 MKII(Green) Pip Greasley 838 BWB
MKII 1961 Race Car Chris Faulke Greville VUD 701
62/544 MKII (Green) Ron Taylor 220 WMA
62/563 MKII (Green) Russell Filby BTU 737B
65/631 MKIII (White-Blue) David Valsler YRD 518C
65/636 MKIII (Chassis Only) Ron Sadler FJB 695C