Turner Sports Cars   2010 Crickhowell Turner Rally

The Turner Rally
Sunday June 06th 2010
The Manor Hotel, Crickhowell, South Wales

Sunday 06th June saw Turner Sports Cars once again come together at the Manor Hotel for the annual Turner gathering in Jack Turners Home town of Crickhowell in South Wales. The weather proved excellent for owners heading to the Rally with their cars and for the many enthusiasts who came togeher on the day to enjoy the collection of cars on show at the scenic Manor Hotel located in the Black Mountain range of Abergavenny .

In total 11 examples of Jack Turners fine sports cars were on display, many of which were driven to and from the event by the owners on the day. A great number of other cars were also represented by their owners , too many to list individually but many of whom are currently either planning or actively undertaking restorations of their Turner cars.

The Highlight of the afternoon was the attendance of Ruth Unsworth, who along with late husband Gordon ran Turner agents Motorway Cars and The Pit Counter in Derby and who were responsible for building and racing Tatty Turner and the Team Turner cars during the 1960s.

Sadly Jack Turner was unable to attend this year due to a stay in Hospital and we wish him well in his recovery.

During the afternoon owners and enthusiasts were exchanging technical advice and stories of the days of Turner production with the assembled visitors.

Then Turner rally was certainly a great success again this year, and I would like to express my thanks to all who attended for helping to make the event so enjoyable,especially all those who bought along their Turner cars for display , as without owners making this effort the Rally would not be able to continue to thrive and provide such enjoyment to us all.

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Russell Filby - Turner Registrar

Cars in attendance :-

Chassis No./Type
Reg. No.
30/222 950s (Grey) Russell Filby 1118 RE
30/269 950s (Blue) Ken Robbins 9 NPC
60/291 MKI (Green) Nigel Taylor 700 AOV
60/310 MK1 (White) David Norsworthy 9551 RE
60/318 MKI (White) John Butcher 280 AXO
60/345 MKI(Yellow) Terry & Russ Filby 231 YYC
60/375 MKI (Blue) Derek Bentley 2 RTD
62/509A MKII (Blue) James Taylor PAS 996
62/544 MKII (Green) Ron Taylor 220 WMA
65/631 MKIII Dave Valsler YRD 518C
66/656 (Red) Brian Shaw GOK 444D