Turner Sports Cars   2006 Wolverhampton Turner Reunion

Wolverhampton Reunion
Sunday August 20th 2006
Bantock House and Park, Wolverhampton

A Full report will appear here shortly, Thank you to all who attended Bantock House for the Turner reunion and for making the event such an enjoyable occasion. we hope you will join us again in the future. For more images from Bantock House Click on the tab at the bottom of this page.

Russell Filby - Turner Registrar

Turners at Bantock House August 20th 2006

Owners with Cars in attendance
Chassis No./Type
Reg. No.
30/264 950S (Blue) Ken Robbins 9 NPC
60/291 MKI (Green) Nigel Taylor 700 AVO
60/375 MKI (White) Derek Bentley 2 RTD
60/475 MKI (Blue) Ray Jones PBF 570
62/544 MKII (Green) Ron Taylor 220 WMA
62/563 MKII (Green) Russell Filby BTU 737B
66/656 MKIII (Red) Brian Shaw GOK 444D
MKII 1961 Race Car Chris Faulke Greville VUD 701
GT2 Turner GT (White) Brian Shaw OSJ 589