Turner Sports Cars   2012 USA Turner Reunion

The USA Turner Reunion
September 19th - 21st 2012
Put In Bay - Ohio

Put In Bay Island in Ohio was the setting for the 2012 USA Turner Reunion kindly organised by John Ruth who attended with his father Kenneth in Johns Turner MK3 (63/592)

I understand the event was a huge success and greatly enjoyed by all in attendance and activities included a ralley as the road cars toured all-round the island which included a photo stop on the grounds of the island light house with Lake Erie in the background.

The ralley took in curvy lanes, with a section of rolling roads along the lake shore where the cars bottomed out a few times due to some lively motoring,

In the race event Greg Kozuhowski in his ex-Sebring Fred Lieb 950S was the recipient of the JACK TURNER CUP for the best placed Turner , Greg and 30/182 put on a fine show for the crowds at Put In Bay , John reported that the air field was not the smoothest surface in the world, though Greg and the durable 950S put in times that allowed the car to push through the field and capture 1st overall in Group 1. ''The car could be seen bounding down the taxi-way, and no doubt the ride was a rough one, leaving the Turners remarkable suspension to work that much harder''.

John himself had a chance to drive Greg's 950S on the Put In Bay village streets and was most impressed with the potent machine with a BMC A Series engine build by Wally Hicks. Other activities included a group meal and group photographs of cars and owners together wearing commemorative reunion polo shirts.

Cars in attendance were John and Kenneth Ruth MK3 (63/592) Jay Doumaux MK3 (65/624) David and Barbara Lewis 950S (30/327) Matt McClurg (30/183) Greg Kozuhowski and Wally Hicks 950s (30/182) Elaine & J.J Rodman (60/414), Also joining the celebrations from Canada without cars were Frank and Helen Murphy (30/195, 60/327, 60/416)

The Turner Register would like to thank John on behalf of all who attended and enthusiasts worldwide for all his efforts co-ordinating the event, and I understand plans are already underway for 2013 which could well see the reunion head out East to Connecticut - Watch this space!

Russell Filby.

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