Turner Sports Cars   2009 Silverstone Classic

The Silverstone Classic
24-26 July 2009

The 2009 Silverstone Classic was a great success with over 66,000 attendees over the weekend and a superb collection of 14 club cars graced the infield on the FSCC club display over the weekend. No less than 8 Turners were assembled, (10 cars including the 2 racing Turners parked in the paddock) and these 2 Turner Climax cars were in the lineup for the prestigious Pre 63 GT Race. Turners received good publicity during the live television coverage of the Silverstone Classic on television, and well done to the Turner drivers and exhibitors for putting on an excellent display both on and off the track. The provisional dates for 2010 Silverstone Classic are 23rd - 25th July and I hope to arrange a bumper display to commemorate the clubs 50th anniversary. Cars on display and pictured here belong to the following owners

To view images from the event please click on the link at the bottom of this page.

Russell Filby - Turner Registrar

Cars in attendance :-

Chassis No./Type
Reg. No.
60/289 James Bilderbeck KJE 460
60/291 MKI Nigel Taylor 700 AOV
60/345 Terry Filby 231 YYC
60/375 Derek Bentley 2 RTD
60/376 Alan Cook & Peter Waller KHG 637
61/433 Colin Breakspear KGH 890A
61/440 Simon Drabble 4357 WY
61/470 Richard Turnock 443 VTE
63/578 Andrew Marriott AMO 254A
66/658 Ken Pritchard Jones DUE 550C