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On this page there is production information on Turner Sports Cars (Wolverhampton) Ltd and data on the number of cars known to survive Worldwide as recorded on the Turner register. If you have additional information or would like to comment on the information presented here then please email Russell Filby.

The first Turner was built by Jack Turner at The Smithy in Seisdon, South Staffordshire, England.  Production then moved for a short period to 32 Merridale Street, Wolverhampton around 1956, and then to it's final location at Pendeford Airport Wolverhampton in 1957/58.

Below is a breakdown of the years of production, configurations and engines, approximate chassis numbers, and comments.The chassis number ranges are aproximate as in some instances models Interchanged depending on customer orders or requirements in period. Also some part built vehicles at the time of factory closure were completed afterwards following the liquidation sale in 1966.
Russell Filby - Turner Registrar..

Chassis No. Years Model Engine Remarks
Turner Special 1949 MGK3 MG 1100cc Supercharged 1 off Built by Jack Turner on an MGK3 Chassis MG Turner Special

Bardon Turner 500 1950 500 Racer JAP 500cc 1 off Jack Turenr built 500cc race car called the Bardon Turner

Kieft Turner (2) 1954 500cc Turner 500cc Just 2 Kieft Turners were built and only one survives (Sept 09) Engine by Jack Turner Kieft Turner

001 - 008 1950 to 1954 2 seater Sports Vauxhall 4 cyl & 6 cyl and Turner Lea-Francis Various coachbuilt body styles on the same basis Turner Chassis , 6 Survive from 8 built Including the F2 Car (Sept 09)

007 1954 Turner Formula 2 Turner 2 Litre Lea-Francis and Alta 2.5 Litre Raced by John Webb and Ron Flockhart ,Just one built which still survives today (Sept 09)

30/001 - 30/105 Aprox 1955 to 1958 A30/803 BMC A 803 and 948cc 1 Alluminium bodied prototype and 2 all Steel bodied cars survive alongside Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) bodied cars as was the norm."Egg Box" intake grill. Usually Steel doors and a curved sloping tail profile. The first 40 or so cars were 803cc before migration over to the 948cc BMC Engine ahead of the introduction of the revised 950S model. 21 examples are known to survive worldwide. (Sept 09)

30/106 - 30/271 Aprox 1958 to 1959 950S BMC A 948cc and Coventry Climax FWA 1098cc Re-styled rear body with large fins aimed at the US Market where the Majority of this style of Turner survive today.Upgrades included Alluminium over GRP doors and a revised dash lay out during production moving away from the central Instument to a duel Speedo and Tacho arrangement. 67 examples are known to survive worldwide. (Sept 09)

60/269-60/428 Aprox 1959 to 1960 Turner Mark I BMC A 948 and Coventry Climax FWA 1098cc or FWE1216cc New body shape Introduced, Also Introduced the Alexander Converted Turner MKI with Alloy Cross Flow BMC Head. 83 examples are known to survive worldwide. (Sept 09)

61/429 - 63/577 Aprox 1960 to 1963 Turner Mark II BMC A 948,Coventry Climax FWA 1098,FWE 1216 and Ford 997, 1198, 1340, and 1500 Body similar to Mark I with detail changes only and Improved cockpit room.Doors are narrow and more square in shape, and a cetral rear facing air intake bulge through bonnet centre. The use of Triumph front suspension was also introduced during MKII production. The Majority of MKII Turner's that survive are located in the UK and 80 examples are known to survive worldwide. (Sept 09)

63/578 - 66/670 Aprox 1963 to 1966 Turner Mark III Ford 1500 (other Ford engines were optional inc 1650cc Cosworth)
BMC A by special order only (Fitted to 2 MKIII Chassis cars).
Body similar to Mark II, but with distinctive large air scoop on front of bonnet and later with elliptical tail lights. The Majority of MKIII cars went to the USA before factory closure in January 1966. 53 examples are known to survive worldwide. (Sept 09)

GT1 - GT10 1961 to 1965 GT 2+2 Ford 1216,1340/1500 (Coventry Climax advertised as an option but never fitted) Fixed head coupe (2+2).  GRP body on sheet metal floor stiffened by top hat section steel members. Just 5 examples from 10 built are known to survive worldwide. (Sept 09)

61/429 1961 Alexander Turner GT BMC 1098,Later Coventry Climax 1216cc A Prototype based around a Turner MKII with a Williams & Pritchard coachbuilt Alluminium body, built for GT racing.
Just 1 example was built which survives today in the UK (Sept 09)

Below is a table of the number of cars in known existence on the Turner register (Sept 2009)   The Source of this information is the Turner Registrar Russell Filby.

Country Number
Nederlands (Holland)
New Zealand
Republic of Ireland
Italy ,Sweden, Malta, South Africa, Sri Lanka
1 each
Total number in "known" existence       317

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