Turner Sports Cars   Photos by Chassis Number


Photos and information courtesy of George Tilby , David Scott and Russell Filby

In August 2014 the register was contacted by George Tilby who built 684 SMX was built in 1955. George bought the Chassis 'Kit' from Jack Turner and it was delivered by British Railways to George in Edgeware Middlesex and the shell was supplied by Ashley Laminates.

George found the chassis needed shortening to fit the Ashley shell and this was carried out by Don Parker who shortened Turner 803 chassis. The car was finished in Blue and in 1956 was repainted Silver in Loughton Essex.

The car is shown in the lower pictures as found by Samuel Priest who owns the car today which awaits a restoration to its former glory. Look close and you can even see traces of blue paint around the headlamp rims in the as found photos.  Reg. No. 684 SMX.

Click here to see photos of another Ashley bodied Turner VDD 839


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