Turner Sports Cars   Unknown Turner VDD 839

Photos and information courtesy of Russ Filby

Nigel Dawes built this Turner Special during 1957/58 .The car used the following parts: Turner chassis, suspension and rear axle purchased 19th Dec 1957 (Chassis Number Unknown) Ashley Laminates shell purchased 27th Dec 1957 Austin A35 engine purchased from Henley's 11th Jan 1958 Tyres Michelin purchased 12th Feb 1958 Aquaplane exhaust, manifold and mechanical tachometer kit etc purchased 28th Apr 1958 The internal floor, boot, bulkheads and under wings were cut from 8' x 4' sheets of steel. Then pop riveted together, The car had a Turner badge and was taxed on July 14th 1958. Nigel covered more than 40,000 miles and then sold it as part exchange to college motors Bristol for a Sunbeam Alpine in 1962. Nigel and the Turner register would be most interested to know if the car is still on the road or in a barn somewhere. It is possible the car is 30/019 which has a striking similarity and may have been reregisterd over the years?

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