Turner Sports Cars   Photos by Chassis Number


Photos and information courtesy of Keith Burnett

Restoration of this 1960 Mk 1 Turner BMC was completed in 2000.  It had been used for racing in Europe in the 1980s and until 1991 by Bert van Riel, who at that time lived in Holland.  This photo was taken at Virginia International Raceway, where it managed a 3rd in class in its first race since the restoration.

This photo was taken in Holland circa 1989, by Bert van Riel, who raced the car extensively in that era at most European circuits.

Photos taken at Virginia International Raceway on October 14 & 15, 2000.  Photograph by D. Mainzer Photography.

Keith previously owned a 1961 Turner Climax (chassis number unknown) and a 1961 BMC powered Mk II (chassis number unknown) and also built and raced a Climax GT (chassis number unknown).

A look "inside" Keith's racing Turner.

Photograph taken by David Scott in 1969 at the Gurston Down Hillclimb.   This was the first Turner owned by David Scott back in 1968.

Photo and information courtesy of Chris Burnell

Photo from Specialist Sports Cars by Peter J. Filby.

Photos and information courtesy of Jay Carano

Photos taken at the June 2002 VSCCA meet at Mid-Ohio.  The top one was taken in the paddock.

The lower 2 photos were taken on the same location on the track, only 40 years apart !!.  The upper photo is 60/415 on the front straight just past the Start/Finish line.  The lower photo is a shot of Dale Smith's half&half hybrid Turner.

Photos courtesy of R. Harrington at
R. Harrington Photography

Photos taken at the SVRA Finale for 2004.


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