Turner Sports Cars   Unknown & Missing Turner GT

Photos and information courtesy of Keith Burnett

This Turner Climax special GT was constructed in 1966.  The chassis is from a Mk III with a Triumph front suspension.  Alan Smith prepared the 1150cc Stage 3 Coventry Climax engine, which had two double choke Weber carbs.  Alan was Gordon Unsworth's partner.  

The home built GT body was based on a Turner tub.  A full size model was built using wood and plaster of paris for which a mould was taken and the body laid up by hand in the mould.  Doors were standard Turner with aluminum skin.  The building team consisted of Keith, his wife, Ian Cantrill (who owned Turner BMC Reg. No. 222 DOC at the time), and occasional help from Don Eaton who owned Turner Reg. No. MBG 165.  The chassis number and the its current whereabouts are unknown.

The top photo is Keith winning the 1150cc GT race at Silverstone on September 9, 1967, at an average speed of 79.66 miles per hour.  The second photo is believed to have also been taken at Silverstone, sometime in 1967.  The bottom photo was taken at Silverstone in either 1965 or 1966. The fate of this car is unknown. If you have any Information or history on the cars whereabouts or fate please contact the Turner registrar.

Keith currently owns a 1961 Turner Mk I, Chassis No. 60/415 and previously owned a 1961 Climax (chassis number unknown) and a 1961 BMC powered Mk II (chassis number unknown)

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